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Kimble Chase (Rockwood Plant)

Exterior view Gerresheimer Rockwood

formerly Chase Scientific

234 Cardiff Valley Road
Rockwood, TN 37854
Phone: +1-800-451-4351
Fax: +1-865-354-3853
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Glass types 

Type I, III, clear, amber

Product range 

Full range of disposable laboratory glassware for the following markets: laboratory research, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, educational, and semiconductor industries.

Products and services are used in a wide variety of applications, including chromatography, diagnostics, environmental testing, microbiology, drug discovery, cell culture.

Labware and scientific ware

  • Borosilicate pipettes and droppers suitable for use in blood banks and hematology
  • Media tubes
  • Vials including chromatography vials, EPA vials, dram vials and scintillation vials

Clinical laboratory products

  • Blood collection tubes including bulk capillary, caraway and micro-hematocrit tubes
  • Screw thread disposable culture tubes


  • OEM fabrication services 
  • ISO 9001