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Cream pot - 80 ml - 8376

Product No. Product No. 8376
Brimful Capacity Brimful Capacity 80.00 ml
Nominal Capacity Nominal Capacity 80.00 ml
Cross-Section Cross-Section round
Major Diameter Major Diameter 56.00 mm
Minor Diameter Minor Diameter 56.00 mm
Height Height 48.50 mm
Neck Finish Neck Finish Screw
Weight Weight 116.00 g
Glass Type Glass Type III
Color Color amber, flint
Application Application herbaceutical, pharmaceutical
Area Area Europe
Gerresheimer belongs to the market leading companies for professional glass packaging. Our products offer innovative packaging solutions and safe packaging for pharmaceutical products. We operate within different markets and cover a portfolio of promiscuous packaging solutions for several pharmaceuticals, cosmetics as well as food and beverage products. Our wide range of cream pots beginning by 15 ml and reaching 100 ml can be applied for several products of the pharmaceutical, herbaceutical sector or for other goods that needs to be packed in safe glass bottles.
Cream pots are available in several volumes and with several neck finishes, starting with the standard norm neck finishes for cream pots GL 28 and continuing in wider and more specialized or even customized neck finishes. All of our cream pots can be used for packaging pharmaceuticals, but also for other products which belong to the herbaceutical market or even food and beverage. Wide mouth glass jars are produced in glass type III. Amber and flint color give the opportunity to choose the best packaging for different contents or rather the color of the content. All of our products are flexible and can be adjusted with caps and accessorizes, which support the different market preferences. Still, in case needed, our jars can be modified according to personal preferences and expectations.
Our cream pots in flint and amber glass are produced in our European plants in Germany applying all the pharmaceutical requirements. As a leading partner in safe packaging we are able to supply the most appropriate packaging material for storing and presenting products. Our cream pots are available in a standard assortment, but we are flexible and free to cooperate for optimizing existing products on request.
Furthermore we are willing to even develop new products for meeting individual expectations and for starting long termed customer relationships. In addition to the amber and flint glass, we are able to individually design products, e.g. by printing or acid-etching. This gives the chance to finish the jars according to our customer’s perception.
Finally we are able to provide the appropriate accessories which our best partners provide us with. Our competent sales team is pleased to help and to support our customers based on their needs.

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