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MultiShell® Vial - 100 ml - 39016

Product No. Product No. 39016
Brimful Capacity Brimful Capacity 132.20 ml
Nominal Capacity Nominal Capacity 100.00 ml
Major Diameter Major Diameter 51.60 mm
Height Height 94.50 mm
Neck Finish Neck Finish 3,8
Weight Weight 26.50 g
Material Material COP, PA, COP
Shape Shape Round
Major Neck Major Neck 12.60 mm
Minor Neck Minor Neck 20.00 mm
Color Color clear
Application Application parenteral, pharmaceutical
Area Area Europe, Asia, USA
MultiShell® vials have a unique triple-layer structure consisting of a layer of polyamide sandwiched between two COP (cyclic olefin polymer) layers. They have unique barrier properties which enhance the drug‘s stability over its shelf life.
All materials used fulfill the stringent biocompatibility and pharmacopoeia requirements for pharmaceutical plastic packaging materials Pharm. Eur. / USP / JP.
The absence of metal ions in the MultiShell® vials and their inertness against acidic or alkaline conditions make them the ideal choice for heavy metal-sensitive drugs or parenterals with a high pH-value.
The multilayer design offers additional integrity assurance, even under force impact. The combined crack resistance and integrity performance are a unique packaging safety feature for manufacturers of toxic or high potency drug solutions.
Gerresheimer’s vials are available in the sizes of 2, 5, 10, 15, 50 and 100 ml and manufactured under clean room conditions. A multifunctional automated packaging line makes it possible to supply vials both as bulk products and in ready-to-use format.
The MultiShell® vials are manufactured at our plant in Boleslawiec, Poland. The Boleslawiec facility is certified as compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 15378. This site has registered a DMF with the FDA (USA).
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