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Ampoule - 2 ml -

Type Type C
Capacity Capacity 2.00 ml
Height Height 79.00 mm
Body Height Body Height 33.00 mm
External Diameter Body External Diameter Body 10.75 mm
External Diameter Funnel External Diameter Funnel 9.00 mm
External Diameter Constriction 6.50 mm
Color Color amber, flint
Application Application Cosmetics, pharmaceutical
Area Area Europe, Asia, USA, India
Gerresheimer is an approved supplier of ampoules for various pharmaceutical applications with filling capacities ranging from 1 to 30 ml. Our ampoules for numerous drugs are made of flint or amber pharma glass type I (EP/USP/JP compliant).
Our standard range of glass ampoules offers a wide variety of high-quality products in type I pharma glass (EP/USP/JP compliant). Our portfolio covers straight-stem, funnel-type and closed ampoules (ISO types B, C and D) that can be combined with various break systems such as OPC (One Point Cut), CBR (Colour Break Ring) and Score Ring. This enables us to match the type and properties of our ampoules to special requirements and needs in addition to the ISO norms. Furthermore special customized shapes are available on request.
Glass ampoules produced by Gerresheimer combine several beneficial characteristics. First of all they feature optimized machine-running properties for high-performance filling operations and an optimized design for lyophilization. Furthermore we have optimized our ampoules to achieve a targeted minimization and consistency of opening force. For greater surface resistance a special treatment with ammonium sulfate is used and an inner surface siliconization takes place to provide a slide coating for an optimum emptying of the ampoules. Finally customized ceramic printings with heavy-metal-free inks or identification marks with up to three colored code rings are available for decorative requirements.
Our expertise in the field of pharmaceutical glass ampoules makes us a highly competitive supplier and partner. Furthermore the structure of our several production plants in Europe, America and Asia helps us to mitigate risk regarding our supply capacities.
Gerresheimer attaches particular importance to innovative technologies within all production operations. Often in partnership with our customers, we continuously develop and refine these across the entire process chain. The quality of our ampoules is monitored at every stage of the production process by state-of-the-art in-line camera systems right down to complete inspection of the printing.

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