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Chromatography vials - 1.8 ml - 2,00 ml (brimful)

Product No. Product No. 2,00 ml (brimful)
Nominal Capacity Nominal Capacity 1.80 ml
Brimful Capacity Brimful Capacity 2.00 ml
Neck Finish Neck Finish 11mm
Neck Diameter Neck Diameter 10.81 mm
Height Height 32.00 mm
Outside Diameter Outside Diameter 11.65 mm
Inner Diameter Inner Diameter 6.15 mm
Color Color amber, flint
Application Application pharmaceutical
Area Area Europe, Asia, USA
Gerresheimer offers a comprehensive range of chromatography tubular glass vials in 1,80ml in different designs and forms. The vials are available in clear and amber glass of type I, II and III (compliant to Pharm. Eur. / USP / JP / FEUM).
We produce vials with or without blowback (European and American version) according to industry standards or to individual specifications. For all of them Drug Master Files Type III are available on request. For the pharmaceutical industry we produce vials for different applications. These range from injection vials, tablet vials, large OD vials or lyophilization vials. For the latter we offer a bottom concavity control. Furthermore we offer diagnostic vials such as screw thread vials, screw thread tubes and chromatography vials. To complete the portfolio some special vials are available as well, e.g. ADD-Vantage® vials or onion skin vials.
Our chromatography vials are of high quality and cover important characteristics regarding their usage for pharmaceutical applications. First of all they have homogeneous walls for an excellent cosmetic appearance. Furthermore they offer tight tolerances and a low dimensional variability. Ammonium sulfate treatments help to reduce alkali ion emission and the siliconization of the vials optimize the emptying characteristics. Finally a high thermal shock resistance and an improved quality in labeling processes are advantages as well.
We use state-of the art production processes and in-line camera inspection systems to ensure high-performance in filling lines and lyophilization processes. The production and packaging of our chromatography vials are performed under controlled environmental and cGMP conditions.
A special feature of our vials production is our own G3 vials inspection system that ensures the high quality of our products. During this inspection all areas of the vials, that are the finish or rather neck, the shoulder, body and hyper-bottom, are controlled visually. The system is based on a combination of five high resolution matrix and line scan cameras and a proprietary lighting system. The custom software is able to recognize defects and classify them. Bright and dark field images acquired at the same time help to characterize the defects. In summary it is a precision handling system for repeatability.

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