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Duma® Pocket - 5016A

Product No. Product No. 5016A
Coloured Containers Coloured Containers different colours
Outside Diameter Outside Diameter 50 x 24 mm
Nominal Capacity Nominal Capacity 50.00 ml
Neck Finish Neck Finish 21
Maximum Label Height Maximum Label Height 59.00 mm
Height Height 70.00 mm
Material Material PP
Closure System Closure System Click-on system
Shape Shape Oval
Color Color white
Tamper-evident Tamper-evident Yes
Application Application nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical, solid
Area Area Europe
Gerresheimer has one of the broadest standard product ranges for solid dosages like tablets, capsules etc. for the pharmaceutical market and we can easily cover our customers’ needs with one product family. Using our ideas and extensive experience to produce high-quality and user-friendly packaging solutions enable us to become an innovative partner, who understands patient safety and therefore our customers’ requirements.
We offer stable, robust, reliable and validated processes and because of our standardization procedures we can secure LEAN processes towards our customers. Our uniform processes and machines have a positive influence when production has to be transferred to another region and can therefore easily be done.
We are operating on a market with different types of companies such as prescription drugs, generic drugs, VMS & OTC, VET, contract fillers and partners and distributors.
Our Duma® Pocket products consist of 4 sizes ranging from 30 – 100 ml containers. This product is being used by our customers on the VMS and OTC market.
The cap is integrated with visual sealing and a small undercut in the skirt of the lid provides a snap to the opening and closing function. With this click sound it is immediately considered as a safe packaging protecting its content. Duma® Pocket has a tamper-evident function and filling is done in full diameter via base. All Duma® Pocket products are produced under clean-room conditions.
We appreciate close cooperation and strong co-creation with our customers and if our standard solutions do not fulfil our customers’ demands we are more than happy to develop customized products for individual needs and requirements.
Our highly educated sales team will be pleased to help our customers to find what they are looking for.

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