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Gx® bulk luer cone syringe 5.0 ml

Cone Cone Luer cone
Size Size 5.0 ml
Material Material Glass
Height Height 67.60 mm
External Diameter External Diameter 14.45 mm
Internal Diameter Internal Diameter 11.85 mm
Closure System Closure System Six Rib Tip Cap

Bulk format
Gx® bulk prefillable luer cone glass syringes 5.0 ml are washed, sterilized, and filled by the customer. For this form, there is a division of labor between the primary packaging manufacturer and the pharmaceutical industry where we provide the unsterilized syringe bodies in flat trays (Rondo trays).

Closure system Six Rib Tip Cap
We offer a Six Rib Tip Cap as a closure system for our prefillable luer cone glass syringes.
EtO-sterilizable rubber formulas: Datwyler FM27, FM30, West 1883, 7025/65, 7028/55, other formulas available upon request.

Various possibilities for printing
For the individual printing of the glass syringe body of the prefillable luer cone syringe 5.0 ml we offer the most varied possibilities for printing such as metal-free paints, ceramic printing on glass, various designs of graduation, dose mark, various colors and other options on request.

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