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Gx RTF® ClearJect® plastic syringes with needle

  • Design inspired by ISO 11040-6 and registered
  • Glue-free: The cannula is not glued in, but is instead insert-molded during the injection molding process
  • Free of metal oxide residue
  • Precisely monitored quantity of high-viscosity, and thus low-particulate, Dow Corning 360 Medical Fluid (12,500 cSt) silicone oil
  • Minimal extractables and leachables 
  • High pH tolerance, no shift in pH value
  • Very low oxygen permeation rate in comparison to other plastics
  • High break resistance
  • Gamma-sterilization according to ISO 11137
  • Tighter tolerances than glass 
  • Precise medication dosing thanks to minimal residual volume
  • Syringe system components: Commercially available components (needle shields, plunger stoppers, plunger rods, backstops, finger flange enlargements)
  • Wide variety of design options and high flexibility for customer-specific requirements
  • Outstanding syringe functionality with regard to breakaway and gliding forces as well as pull-off force on the needle shield
  • Compatible with auto injectors

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    • Gx RTF® ClearJect® COP syringe with needle
      • Height
        76.70 mm
      • External Diameter
        8.15 mm
      • Internal Diameter
        6.35 mm
      • Cannula Length
        1/2" (12.7 mm)
      • Cannula
        27 G, 3 bevels thin-walled stainless steel cannula
      • Needle Shield
        Aptar Stelmi Rigid Needle Shield, Gx TERNS® (Thermoplastic Elastomer Rigid Needle Shield)

1 Product Variant