LuxePack 2016: Gerresheimer manufactures bottles for Star Wars perfumes

The Star Wars bottles‘ design was inspired by the lightsaber.
The Star Wars bottles‘ design was inspired by the lightsaber.

Düsseldorf/Monaco, June 30, 2016. One of the highlight products at the Gerresheimer stand are the bottles for the Star Wars perfumes Empire, Jedi and Amidala. Each of them has a design based on the famous lightsaber.

This Star Wars trilogy includes the three galactic fragrances Jedi, Empire and Amidala, which all have different symbolic color schemes. The silver and blue of the Jedi, and the gold and white of Amidala signify the light side of the Force, while the dark side of the Force is represented by the black and red of the Empire.

A metallized finish gives the bottles the appearance of a technical product. This effect is enhanced by a mechanical twist-off cap that sits on top of the bottle like a futuristic object straight out of a Star Wars movie.

The Star Wars fragrances come in 40 and 60 ml bottles instead of the standard 30 and 50 ml sizes.

Individually marbled surface finishes

Gerresheimer has introduced a new decorative finish for glass bottles called Marble Decoration. This new technique is used to apply individual marble-effect patterns in selected colors on both transparent and color-lacquered glass to create unique results on every single bottle.

Gerresheimer bottles with the "Marble Decoration" finish

Gerresheimer bottles with the "Marble Decoration" finish

LuxePack is a very important platform for a cosmetic glass bottle and jar manufacturer such as Gerresheimer to network with the experts in the cosmetics world. Customers, partners and fair visitors are welcome to visit Gerresheimer at Stand RC 9 in the Grimaldi Forum from September 21 to 23.

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