New focus in project portfolio of Gerresheimer subsidiary Sensile Medical

  • SQ Innovation and Gerresheimer sign partnership for micro pumps for heart failure treatment
  • Sanofi terminates development project for micro pumps for patients with diabetes
  • Further projects with pharma customers for various therapy areas for the micro pump started

Duesseldorf, November 19, 2019 – Sensile Medical, a subsidiary of Gerresheimer AG, has signed a contract with the Swiss biopharmaceutical company SQ Innovation AG for the development, market launch and mass production of a micro pump for the treatment of edema in heart failure. Sanofi, on the other hand, has terminated the project with Sensile Medical to develop a micro pump for delivery of insulin to treat diabetes.

“Our micro pump technology is highly advanced and very competitive. It can be used for a variety of treatments across medical conditions. The new SQ Innovation agreement illustrates the attractiveness of our micro pump technology. The pipeline of projects for the micro pump is very promising and we continue to see significant potential in this unique technology,” said Dietmar Siemssen, CEO of Gerresheimer AG.

Sensile Medical, a Gerresheimer company, and SQ Innovation AG signed a partnership for the micro pump for the treatment of edema in heart failure for European and American markets. The market launch of the SQ Innovation product is to take place after completion of development and obtaining market authorization. Sensile Medical’s micro pump for Parkinson’s treatment has already been approved for the European market in September 2018 and has been launched. A different project, the micro pump for delivery of insulin to treat diabetes, has been terminated by Sanofi for strategic reasons.

Gerresheimer has started several projects with pharma customers for usage of the micro pump in various therapy areas, which illustrate the future potential.

Information about SQ Innovation AG:

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