Gerresheimer and Medicos Beauty Group present a sustainable and easy-to-use clickable refill system for cosmetics

 - Gerresheimer AG
The new clickable refill jar system consists of Re-CliCK, the plastic inner and closure solution by Medicos and Gx-CyClic, the matching reusable glass jar by Gerresheimer.

Lyon/Düsseldorf/Momignies, 07 February 2023: Gerresheimer and Medicos have joined forces to develop a new clickable refill jar system. It consists of Re-CliCK, the plastic inner and closure solution by Medicos and Gx-CyClic, the matching reusable glass jar by Gerresheimer. The refillable solution is based on an easy and intuitive handling system while taking care about using sustainable materials. Both Re-CliCK and Gx-CyClic are available as part of Gerresheimer and Medicos standard offer. All parts of the system can be customized in decoration and color.  

Gerresheimer AG, a leading global supplier of healthcare & beauty solutions and drug delivery systems for pharma, biotech and cosmetics and Medicos Beauty, a European-based cosmetics packaging designer and producer, are presenting the matching clickable elements  for an environmental-friendly refill packaging system.

The refill system consists of the Gx-CyClic glass jar, the Re-CliCK click-in inner and a suitable cap. “With sustainability at the core of the design, in addition to the reuse aspect, the refill system is made of sustainable and recycled materials to save resources.” explains Nicola Balena, Global Vice President Cosmetics at Gerresheimer Moulded Glass. The glass jar is made of 40% post-consumer recycled (PCR) glass, while the inner is made of bio-based PP and the cap of R-PET, PET or PP. All materials are recyclable after use. Additionally, the glass jar is lightweight.

“Medicos and Gerresheimer, are two players who are recognized for their expertise in glass and refillable plastic jars made of sustainable materials. So it was only natural that we collaborated on this innovation that adds value to the consumer experience of our customer’s products” explains Cédric Marmonier, CEO at Medicos Group.

The clickable solution offers an easy and intuitive handling of the refill packs to the consumer. Through the click-in system of the inner, the consumer can effortless insert and remove the refill packs while they are safely locked to the glass jar. Thanks to the sophisticated click-in solution, the inner always stays in place during screwing and unscrewing of the cap. 

Both Re-CliCK and Gx-CyClic, with 50 ml capacity, are available as part of Gerresheimer and Medicos standard offer. However, all parts of the refill pack can be completely customized as to the customers’ wishes. All components can be embellished with various decoration techniques. From printing, to spraying, to mattifying, there are no limits to creativity and designing an individualized masterpiece which fosters the customer’s brand identity.

About Gerresheimer

Gerresheimer is the global partner for pharmaceutics, biotech, healthcare, and cosmetics with a very broad product range for pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging solutions and drug delivery systems. The company is an innovative solution provider from concept to delivery of the end product. Gerresheimer achieves its ambitious goals through a high level of innovative strength, industrial competence and concentration on quality and customer focus. In developing innovative and sustainable solutions, Gerresheimer relies on a comprehensive international network with numerous innovation and production centers in Europe, America and Asia. Gerresheimer produces close to its customers worldwide with around 11,000 employees and generated annual revenues in 2021 of around EUR 1.5b. With its products and solutions, Gerresheimer plays an essential role in people's health and well-being.

About Medicos Beauty 

Medicos Beauty is the beauty business unit of Medicos, an independent industrial group, a leading manufacturer and expert in innovative packaging solutions for the Beauty and Food markets. With complementary know-how, the Group integrates the plastic injection moulding and drawn glass businesses. Thanks to its expertise, Medicos Beauty offers a complete range of full-service products for the Cosmetics, Perfumery and Make-up segments. The Group controls the entire value chain, from design to product decoration. The synergy of its entities, in constant evolution, allows to offer innovative customized and eco-designed solutions, on complex or simple pieces, to highlight our customers' products. For more information, visit



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