The Hearts & Hands Initiative: A Corporate Social Responsibility Day at Gerresheimer

 - Gerresheimer AG

"Feeling of contributing to the environment, to improving our planet, contributing to improving our quality of life and leaving a small contribution to the planet."

"A very good feeling, knowing that you are contributing to the environment, even with a small gesture is gratifying."

At Gerresheimer, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a principle but something we actively practice. This belief was clearly demonstrated through the Hearts & Hands Initiative, a project aimed at supporting local social projects at various Gerresheimer sites from the Business Unit Medical Systems for a single, dedicated working day. This initiative also helped to strengthen the bonds among coworkers and increased Gerresheimer’s positive impact within our local communities.

The Hearts & Hands Initiative was carefully planned over nine months by participants of our internal talent program, the MDS Upstart Program. The planning process was as detailed and organized as any other Gerresheimer project. It involved identifying key tasks and milestones, assigning responsibilities, and holding regular team meetings. Additionally, the team identified local social organizations to work with, making sure they met the specific needs and constraints set by our local HR teams and plant operations.

The main goal of the Hearts & Hands Initiative was to successfully launch the first CSR day across the selected sites. This first event was meant to serve as a model, providing a plan for the organization to hold similar CSR days every year. By incorporating such initiatives into our company culture, we aim to continually promote a sense of social responsibility and community involvement within Gerresheimer.

On the day of the event, several meaningful activities took place:

  • Indaiatuba: Trees were planted near the Gerresheimer plant in collaboration with the local community.
  • Pfreimd: Eleven dedicated employees dedicated their day to Caritas Schwandorf and offered their support to the local food bank team. Caritas Schwandorf is a local organization dedicated to providing social assistance and support in the region. Their main focus is on helping people in need and providing support in various aspects of life. This includes providing food for the needy through their food bank, as well as social services such as counseling, care, and support for people in difficult life situations.
  • Wackersdorf and Regensburg: Twelve employees spent the day at the Schwandorf Animal Shelter, providing hands-on support to the local team.
  • Horšovský Týn: In cooperation with the Municipal Office of Horšovský Týn, Bytes HT, they helped with the spring cleaning of the local cemetery and housing estate.
  •  Peachtree City: Support of the initiative Habitat of Humanity

Through the Hearts & Hands Initiative, we have not only made a positive impact on our local communities but also reinforced our core TRIBE values of teamwork, responsibility, integrity, bold innovation and excellence as well as  social commitment. This initiative shows what we can achieve when we work together with a shared purpose and sets the stage for future projects that align with our corporate social responsibility goals.



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