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A new generation of highly complex medications requires tailored primary packaging. For this task, Gerresheimer assembled an interdisciplinary team of industrial scientists, designers, product and process engineers, as well as product managers. The new Gx® Solutions Unit develops new production technologies, processes, and components for pre-fillable syringes, vials, and carpules.

Silicone oil-reduced Gx baked-on RTF® Syringes

Gx RTF® glass syringes plus baking process patented in Europe and the USA

Complete coating with the lowest possible quantities of silicone oil: We achieve this with the baked-on siliconization patented in Europe and the USA. Here a silicone oil emulsion is applied to the inside of the Gx RTF® glass syringes and subsequently affixed to the surface by heating.

The result: an extremely low load of free silicone oil droplets, reliable glide coating through the entire storage period, and stable breakaway and glide forces.

Silicone oil-reduced Gx baked-on RTF® Syringes

Pre-fillable Gx RTF® ClearJect® Plastic Syringes

Pre-fillable Gx RTF® ClearJect® Plastic Syringes

The pre-fillable syringes made of the high-performance plastic COP are distinguished by a high degree of bio-compatibility, because the needle syringe is glue-free, all syringes are free of metal oxide residue, siliconization takes place with precisely controlled quantity of highly viscous and thus low-particle silicone oil. They convince with their rupture safety and glass-like transparency.

Economic plus: customers can supplement the COP syringe bodies with readily commercially available standard components.

Safety Syringe Gx InnoSafe®

Gx RTF® needle syringe plus integrated and passive safety system

The integrated passive safety system prevents needle stick injuries and reuse. When being used, the safety system is activated automatically and requires no additional action by the user. Pharmaceuticals customers can process the syringes without an additional assembly step on the existing lines in the nested state. 

Your benefit: avoidance of needle stick injuries without additional work steps.

Safety Syringe Gx InnoSafe®

Metal-free Gx RTF® Syringes

Metal-free Gx RTF® Syringes

Gx RTF® glass syringes plus patented, metal-free technology for cone forming

Biotechnologically manufactured drugs can interact with tungsten residue from syringe production. Gerresheimer offers metal-free glass syringes for such cases. The pin used for cone forming doesn’t consist of tungsten in this case, but instead of a special ceramic. External studies have proven that in this way we can produce syringes free of residue.

Your benefit: pre-fillable glass syringes that exclude the possibility of metal contamination.

Gx® RTF Vials

Gerresheimer ready-to-use vials Gx® RTF plus Ompi EZ-fill® packaging format

They are distinguished by a high degree of flexibility resulting from various packaging configurations from the development phase of new medications through small series to large series production. They fulfill the strictest requirements for quality and with regard to glass breakage, cosmetic defects, and particle contamination.

The pre-fillable injection vials are washed, packed in trays or nest and tub, and sterilized. The customer subsequently fills them without additional intermediate steps. 

Your benefit: we deliver the Gx® RTF vials in the Ompi EZ-fill® packaging format. This allows the processing of identically packaged, sterile injection vials from different manufacturers.

Gx RTF® Vials

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Gx RTF® ClearJect® Plastic Syringes
Sample Gx RTF® ClearJect® Plastic Syringes
Gx InnoSafe® Safety Syringe
Sample Gx InnoSafe® Safety Syringe
Gx® RTF Vials
Sample Gx® RTF Vials


Gx Baked-on RTF® Syringes
Brochure Gx Baked-on RTF® Syringes
Gx InnoSafe®
Brochure Gx InnoSafe®
Metal-free glass syringes
Brochure Metal-free glass syringes
Gx RTF® ClearJect® und ClearJect®
Brochure Gx RTF® ClearJect® and ClearJect®
Gx® RTF Vials
Brochure Gx® RTF Vials

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