Gerresheimer again recognized as a MINT Minded Company

Düsseldorf, April 17, 2019. Gerresheimer has been recognized this year as a “MINT Minded Company” for the third time in a row by audimax Medien GmbH and the “MINT Zukunft schaffen” (“Creating a MINT future”) initiative. MINT stands for the academic subjects and careers in mathematics, IT, science, and technology. At its sites across Germany, Gerresheimer offers training programs in over 15 career pathways and in 12 dual degree courses. And with GxGo!, the company also runs an 18-month trainee program for Master’s graduates.

“We are so pleased to have been recognized again, and this confirms we are doing the right thing by supporting young talent from our own ranks,” says Alexander Eckert, Global Senior Vice President of Human Resources. For years, Gerresheimer has been offering training programs in over 15 career pathways and 12 dual degree courses at its German sites and has been successfully running the GxGo! trainee program for Master’s graduates just as successfully for two years now. A total of around 3,500 people work for the Gerresheimer Group in Germany.

Training in MINT professions

Gerresheimer again recognized as a MINT Minded Company

The Gerresheimer training centers in Germany offer training in the following MINT professions: electronics engineer for industrial engineering, system integration computer scientist, industrial electrician, industrial mechanic, mechatronics engineer, screen printing media technician, technical product designer, process engineer for glass technology, process engineer for plastics and rubber technology, tool mechanic, and cutting machine operator. Those who successfully complete their training, the dual degree course or the trainee program at Gerresheimer have every chance of being taken on after passing their exams.

Glass and plastic special and primary packaging

Be it in the form of cough syrup bottles, syringes, insulin pens, or micro pumps, to name but a few examples from Gerresheimer’s extensive portfolio, which comprises several thousand packaging products. Packaging that comes into direct contact with products, medicines in this case, is known as primary packaging. They are made using glass and plastic for many well-known customers in the pharmaceutical industry. Gerresheimer also produces bottles and jars for cosmetics and care products. Many well-known perfume bottles are produced by Gerresheimer in Tettau, in the Upper Franconia region of Bavaria.

Glass made in Germany – training to guarantee our future

Gerresheimer again recognized as a MINT Minded Company

Gerresheimer’s sites that produce glass containers include Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia), Lohr (Lower Franconia, Bavaria), Tettau (Upper Franconia, Bavaria), and Wertheim (Baden-Württemberg).

Gerresheimer Medical Systems in Pfreimd and Wackersdorf, Bavaria
Gerresheimer Medical Systems, based in the Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria, manufactures high-quality plastic medical products, such as inhalers and insulin pens, for leading pharmaceutical and medical engineering companies. Among its high-tech range of equipment are state-of-the-art injection moulding machines, assembly machines and testing devices. Even more essential in terms of product quality, however, are the efficiency of its processes and the outstanding work of its staff. The center primarily trains process engineers for plastics and rubber technology.

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Gerresheimer Bünde, North Rhine-Westphalia
Gerresheimer’s Bünde plant, based in East Westphalia, manufactures syringes and cartridges for pharma companies around the world, while training apprentices to become electronics engineers for industrial engineering and industrial mechanics, for example. The course combines theory with practice and enables students to progress towards a B.Eng.

Modern quality standards

Every plant is equipped with safe, modern, and environmentally friendly production facilities. Gerresheimer’s production processes are defined down to the last detail and are certified according to ISO standards, ensuring its products meet the high quality requirements of its customers, the majority of whom come from the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Stringent, multilevel quality controls ensure that only flawless products are supplied to customers. Gerresheimer's stated aim is to achieve almost error-free production. To this end, Gerresheimer also invests a great deal in the training of its future specialists and managers, because more than anything, reliable, experienced and competent employees guarantee a high level of quality and satisfied customers.

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MINT Minded Company

With the "MINT Minded Company" initiative, audimax MEDIEN GmbH and the "MINT Zukunft schaffen" ("Creating a future with MINT") association are casting the limelight on companies that are taking special measures to promote the next generation of MINT professionals, MINT talents and MINT specialists. By signing the 10-point declaration "MINT Welcome", MINT Minded Companies are setting an example in terms of highlighting to society the vital need for MINT employees if Germany is to retain and develop its status and expertise as a center of industry.

Only nominated companies can be considered for the award and they cannot purchase it. Nominations can only be made by the target group of MINT students, MINT graduates and MINT talents. By taking part in this initiative, audimax MEDIEN hopes to set a trend in German corporate culture and underscore the role model status of responsible companies. The aim is to let the wider public know which employers are especially committed to promoting MINT talents in order to communicate this commitment to the outside world and to set these companies up as examples.

About Gerresheimer

Gerresheimer is a leading global partner to the pharma and healthcare industry. With specialty glass and plastic products, the Company contributes to health and well-being. Gerresheimer operates worldwide and its approximately 10,000 employees manufacture products in local markets, close to its customers. With plants in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Gerresheimer generates revenues of around EUR 1.4 billion. The comprehensive product portfolio includes pharmaceutical packaging and products for the safe, simple administration of medicines: insulin pens, inhalers, micro pumps, prefillable syringes, injection vials, ampoules, bottles, and containers for liquid and solid medicines with closure and safety systems as well as packaging for the cosmetics industry.

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