Gerresheimer apprenticeship in Tettau: become a part of the team from day one

Sandra Kucharek has looked after several hundred apprentices during her career at Gerresheimer, and it still brings her great pleasure.

Düsseldorf/Tettau July 29, 2019. To prepare the apprentices for their first day in work at the beginning of September, Gerresheimer hosted a “Meet and Greet Day” in Tettau on July 25. The eleven new apprentices and their parents were warmly invited to get to know the working environment where glass containers are produced for the cosmetics industry every single day.

“We want our new apprentices to feel at home from day one,” says Sandra Kucharek, who herself began her apprenticeship at Gerresheimer AG as a business administrator in sales over 30 years ago. “Because my parents and also my grandfather had worked here, it was obvious to me then that I would start my apprenticeship here.” Sandra very quickly switched to the HR department and has stayed in this role ever since. Over the years, she has looked after over 400 apprentices.

Three future colleagues who are still doing their apprenticeships or al-ready firmly established in their career talk about what makes them tick.

Gerresheimer apprenticeship in Tettau
Sevval Gürhan is an aspiring industrial engineer in the second year of her apprenticeship at Gerresheimer in Tettau.

Sevval Gürhan is currently training to be an industrial engineer in mould making. It is still rare to see women pursuing a trade. “At least there are never any catfights,” says Sevval about working with her colleagues. Sevval had already completed an internship at Gerresheimer in mould repair before starting the apprenticeship and after this, her mind was made up. Her father was enthusiastic because he himself is a tradesman. Her mother was surprised. Today, both parents are proud of their daughter’s unusual career path. Sevval is now in her second year of the apprenticeship. She appreciates the working atmosphere at the company and felt accepted and supported from the beginning.

For Toni Baier, who had watched his grandfather at work on the production line since he was just four years old, there was also no question about where or in what profession he would work one day. He began his apprenticeship to become a process engineer for glass in 2017. “I just remember really looking forward to finally being able to work here. I am still fascinated by glass production,” he says and adds how important a good working environment is to him in which everyone knows their role and supports one another.

Gerresheimer apprenticeship in Tettau
At just four years old, Toni watched his grandfather at work and was fascinated by glass production. He has retained his enthusiasm to this day.

It’s now over ten years ago that Felix Kaufmann completed his apprenticeship to become a mechatronics engineer. “You definitely have more freedom on the production line compared with during your apprenticeship,” he says happily. The most important thing for him is that no one is left alone in the initial period of training but that they always have a contact person for their questions. “You learn very quickly this way.”

You can apply for the following types of apprenticeships at Gerresheimer in Tettau: mechatronics engineer, industrial engineer, electronics engineer for industrial engineering, process engineer for glass technology, machinery and systems manager, warehouse logistics specialist, technical product designer, industrial clerk, Euro-industrial clerk, dual degree program with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, mechatronics or industrial engineering.

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Gerresheimer apprenticeship in Tettau
Felix finds it important that new appren-tices have the right contact person from the very beginning.

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