Gerresheimer Bünde celebrates 750 years of loyalty

Bünde, December 13, 2012 – 47 of the employees at Gerresheimer Bünde have reached loyalty milestones this year. On November 23, they celebrated either 10, 25 and even 40 years of service with the company.

“I’ve added up all the figures and we're celebrating an impressive 750 years of employment at Gerresheimer Bünde. Four of our people are taking well-earned retirement this year,” said Simone Sczepanek, HR Development Officer at Gerresheimer Bünde.

Most of the jubilarians completed multi-stage training programs before commencing work in syringe production because of the meticulous precision and very high standards of quality that are involved. These high standards can only be met if all members of the production team know exactly what they're doing and what they have to watch out for. That’s one of the reasons why Gerresheimer is so appreciative of employees who remain loyal to the company for many years.

Christian Keding, Head of Technical Service for syringe production said, “It was kind of an accident that I came to work for Gerresheimer Bünde. I got a job as a machine operator here ten years ago and I‘ve worked my way up. First of all I trained to be a machine operator, then a fitter, then a technical fitter and now I’ve been in the Technical Service department for several years. People who are willing to put in the effort can make a good career at our company. I’ve supported all kinds of technical changes and I sort of feel emotionally attached to every new machine I‘ve commissioned. Our customers' tougher quality requirements make my work interesting because there are always new challenges to overcome. Over the years I’ve become very good friends with many of my colleagues. You can feel Gerresheimer Bünde’s roots in the region and I think that friendships with colleagues in different departments definitely fosters interdepartmental team spirit.”

Manuela Fack-Luscher, Group Production Spokesperson: “My grandfather worked for Bünder Glas. He’s the person who suggested that I apply for a job here. Now I’ve been at Gerresheimer Bünde for 25 years and I'm planning to stay on here until I retire. Obviously, there are good days and bad, but my colleagues are all like family to me after all these years and the many technical developments make me look forward to coming in to work every day. I feel secure in the knowledge that I work for a company where jobs are safe.“

Ernst Hake, retired IT Manager: “I spent 46 years and one month at Gerresheimer before I retired. After completing an Industrial Business Management Assistant apprenticeship, I moved to the IT department and became IT Manager in 1978. I held this position from then right up to the day I retired. Over the year’s I’ve seen Gerresheimer Bünde move on from the 80 column punch card, to laptops and smartphones, and I’ve supported the technology side of things as the company has evolved into a pharma industry partner.“

A strong team! All the Gerresheimer jubilarians together (except for those who couldn’t attend) and General Manager Christoph Klaus (far right), HR Director Olaf Grädler (8th from right) and HR Manager Simone Sczepanek (2nd from right), who made sure that they were properly celebrated.

Gerresheimer Bünde GmbH

Gerresheimer Bünde GmbH is part of the Tubular Glass Division. Gerresheimer Bünde is located in Bünde-Südlengern. It has the most modern production facility for pre-fillable syringe systems in the world. The company was founded in 1947 by the Hennings and Zimmermann families as Bünder Glas GmbH. Today, Gerresheimer Bünde GmbH is able to look back on 65 years of experience. The Bünde production facility has around 800 employees and is the Gerresheimer Group’s competence center for syringes that are used for the long-term storage of pharmaceutical products such as vaccines.

About Gerresheimer

Gerresheimer is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality specialty products made of glass and plastic for the global pharma and healthcare industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of products extends from pharmaceutical vials to complex drug delivery systems such as syringe systems, insulin pens and inhalers for safe medication dosage and application. Together with our partners, we develop solutions which set standards and have role model status in their respective market sectors.

Our Group realizes revenues of more than one billion euros and has around 11,000 employees at 47 locations in Europe, North and South America and Asia. We use first-rate technologies, convincing innovations and targeted investments to systematically consolidate our strong market position.

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