Gerresheimer expands its training offering in the Czech Republic

With some 700 employees, Gerresheimer’s plant in Horšovský Týn (HT) is one of the largest production sites in the Gerresheimer Group.

New apprenticeship for budding machine fitters

Düsseldorf/Regensburg, May 30, 2018 – Gerresheimer’s site in the Czech town of Horšovský Týn is expanding its range of apprenticeships in line with the German model and will now be training machine fitters specializing in injection-moulding technology and toolmaking as well as industrial engineers specializing in plastics.

“We need technically adept young talent at our plant, people who have received sound practical and theoretical training, who understand our customers’ high quality requirements, and who know what will make or break our production lines,” says Helmut Schweiger, Senior Plant Director at Horšovský Týn Medical Systems. “This is why we’re continuing to invest in bringing on the next generation.”

Building the bridges of partnership

Five years ago, Helmut Schweiger was awarded the title of “Brückenbauer / Stavitel mostu” (“bridge-builder” in German and Czech) in recognition of his achievements in setting up a dual vocational training pathway in the Czech Republic. Working together with the vocational school in Domažlice, Gerresheimer Horšovský Týn had decided to trial a dual training system in a pilot project that had never before been attempted in the country. For more than seven years now, Gerresheimer has been readying young people in the Czech Republic for the world of work.

Industrial engineers since 2012 and machine fitters from 2018

Since 2012, the factory has trained a total of 32 staff as industrial engineers, 15 of whom were then given substantive positions. And the next generation of machine fitters have also begun their apprenticeships – three recent school leavers who are tackling their training with optimism for reasons that, although completely different, do share some similarities. The three are united by their interest in metalworking and toolmaking. Samantha Nachreiner, František Sladký, and Václav Neumaier are pleased that they chose a dual vocational training pathway. Applications for the 2019 intake are already being received.

Sarka Pokorna - Gerresheimer

Sarka Pokorna: “My parents thought that what was available here was better than anything else I’d been offered. Initially, I wasn’t completely sure that I could see myself doing this job long-term. Now, though, metalworking and toolmaking are a whole lot of fun.”

František Sladký - Gerresheimer

František Sladký: “The first time I had a tour of the factory, I saw that it used cutting-edge technology. Plus there was the grant and the opportunity of a job as soon as the apprenticeship is over. I think toolmaking and plastics technologies are really exciting.”

Václav Neumaier - Gerresheimer

Václav Neumaier: “I was actually only really interested in any kind of dual training course. But when I looked round the factory, I was struck by the state-of-the-art technology. And now I can no longer even imagine a working day not filled with plastics and metal.”

The close partnership with the vocational school in Domažlice means that the apprentices are given the best possible theoretical and practical preparation for their exams. In František Toman, the plant has its own “trainer” for the apprentices, someone for them to turn to if they have any questions. In 2015, he was named “trainer for professional training” by the Czech Ministry of Education and Ministry of Industry and Trade.

In around three years, all three apprentices will have completed their training and will be part of the factory team at Horšovský Týn.

The company is also committed to protecting the environment and supports social organizations that, for instance, make it easier for disabled people to find their first job.

The Gerresheimer Group’s Czech site mainly makes asthma inhalers for well-known pharmaceutical companies. The plant’s 700 or so employees guarantee the highest possible quality in all production steps and processes. To this end, it boasts a total of 15,000 square meters of clean room space in ISO classes 8 and 9.

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