Gerresheimer Lohr – 1st Health Day on September 18 and 19

Lohr, September 25, 2013 – On September 18 and 19, Gerresheimer Lohr held its very first Health Day for the 375 people who work there. The employees took advantage of the event to find out about exercise, relaxation and nutrition.

Event partner, the AOK Bavaria health insurance fund, sent its AOK truck out to Gerresheimer Lohr. The truck contained information on the subjects of exercise, relaxation and nutrition, and there was also an outdoor agility course.

Daniele Grillo, chaser in the mold shop, had a Daniele Grillo taking the fitness testgreat time: “I was very positively surprised by the Health Day. The people at all the stands were very friendly and they answered all my questions. I’ve learned how to improve my health with a few simple exercises. The foot measurement service was also brilliant and I now know which safety shoes fit me best. I’m definitely going to feel more comfortable wearing them. All in all, it was a very enjoyable day.“

Regina Seubert is a member of the administrative staff. She has decided it’s time to pay more attention to her health and fitness after the Regina Seubert on the slacklineGerresheimer Health Day: “I thought it was very interesting to find out how I can make by back stronger with some very simple pieces of equipment and what exercises suddenly become more difficult as you get older - like balancing on the slackline. The drinks tasting was also very informative, and the information about the effects of curative water was very interesting. I also very much enjoyed making my own breakfast muesli.

In times of demographic change like these, the issue of health becomes increasingly significant for employers. The average age of the workforce at Gerresheimer Lohr is currently 42. Continuously changing requirements and the extra burdens of shift working are two of the reasons why Gerresheimer is investing in the health and quality of life of its employees.

To achieve this objective, it introduced a “Company Health Management“ scheme this year. Petra Werthmann, Company Health Officer, heads a team that has already implemented numerous health promotion measures: “Our employees chose the motto ‘Gerresheimer Lohr gets moving‘. Our mascot GLOBSI’s name is an abbreviation of the German version of the motto. He’ll be a part of all our future activities,“ said Petra Werthmann, adding that having a mascot was an employee suggestion. In addition to addressing the issues of sport and nutrition, there are plans to improve workplace ergonomics in all of the company’s departments. The first running meeting is scheduled for autumn and company football matches are also on the agenda. Next year, when Gerresheimer Lohr celebrates its 125th anniversary, it will be hosting the annual Gerresheimer Soccer Tournament, an internal international soccer tournament in which around 15 teams from companies in the Gerresheimer Group compete for the cup.

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