Gerresheimer now offers a dual apprenticeship and study program in the Czech Republic

Horšovský Týn, February 6, 2013 - Inhalers, insulin pens, lancing devices and various diagnostic systems are manufactured in Horšovský Týn. The plant has 400 employees and is among the biggest of the Gerresheimer Group’s 42 production facilities. Gerresheimer this year introduced a German-type combined apprenticeship and study program to cover its requirements of skilled employees in the West Bohemian region of Okres Domažlice. 

“We don’t just invest in our production operations. Employee training is an equally important investment focus. To be absolutely sure they can meet future requirements of qualified employees, companies have to start building their skill pool today by offering a good training program,” said General Manager Helmut Schweiger, adding that vocational training in the Czech Republic is different to the German system. In Germany the dual system, which combines an apprenticeship with vocational school studies and involves companies and vocational colleges working hand in hand, is now firmly established. In the Czech Republic young people initially attend vocational school and then apply for a job. This obviously has the disadvantage that the young vocational school graduates lack practical experience, which is frustrating for them and for their employer. Gerresheimer Horšovský Týn decided to remedy this situation so it has teamed up with the Domažlice vocational school to offer an apprenticeship combined with vocational studies. The curriculum puts equal emphasis on practical and academic content.

Most of the practical training will be provided by Gerresheimer Horšovský Týn. One important milestone in the process of making this model project a reality was the opening of a training center at Gerresheimer Horšovský Týn on March 11, 2011. There are two injection molding machines at the training  center which are used in the practical lessons.

The model is approved and supported by the Pilsner District Education Authority. Further support has been received from the project “We are Europe!” which will continue in the future to promote dual vocational training in the Czech Republic and ensure networking with the Bavarian vocational colleges. Now, the project has to be promoted at vocational training fairs, at schools and in a regional TV commercial so that young people will apply to take part.

13 trainees, including one young woman, have been receiving practical training since the beginning of November 2012. Toman František, an employee who has received special teacher training, is responsible for the trainees. Initially the trainees only come to Gerresheimer Horšovský Týn on Fridays for practical training. The time they spend there gradually increases in the second and third year of the course. After passing their examination, the trainees are offered jobs as toolmakers and fitters.   They commit to working at Gerresheimer for a minimum of three years. This is important because it helps Gerresheimer to maintain a skilled workforce. Things are looking good for next year as there have already been enquiries from potential trainees. It is possible that this pilot project may be so successful that other similar projects will be initiated throughout the Czech Republic.

Hana TraxlmandlovaHana Traxlmandlovà

“It was the subject that interested me. I like precision work,“ Hana Traxlmandlovà is the only female plastics technician apprentice.



Bohumil Staš

“I knew I wanted to work for Gerresheimer after visiting the Open Day. I like being able to combine practical training and studies,“ said Bohumil Staš.

Bohumil Staš

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