Working student (Corporate Communication and Marketing), Düsseldorf
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Chantal Kasper
Working student (Corporate Communication and Marketing)

"Believe in things that haven’t happened yet so you can make them happen."

With Gerresheimer since: 2012
Site: Düsseldorf
Educational qualification: Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaft mit dem Schwerpunkt Marketing und internationaler Handel (Diplom)

Parallel to my degree course at Wuppertal University I’ve been a working student in the Corporate Communication and Marketing department at the Gerresheimer headquarters in Düsseldorf since April this year. 

The interesting job description, which was a very good match for my specialist subjects, the company’s extremely diverse product portfolio, its national and international orientation and its work in the B2B sector are the reasons why I decided to apply for a job at Gerresheimer AG.

My duties include supporting the communication and marketing team in planning and implementing regional internal and external communication projects, helping to produce brochures, pamphlets, catalogs and presentations, assistance in the organization and design of customer and staff events, updating the website as well as performing and evaluating analyses and research. The department gives me interesting and sometimes challenging projects to work on that provide me with an extensive insight into the company’s day to day operations.

I really appreciate the very friendly atmosphere at work. If I have any questions, suggestions or problems there’s always somebody to give me advice and assistance. My colleagues were very supportive in my induction period and I soon felt at home in my new work environment. 

My first glimpses of the Essen and Lohr plants in guided tours made a big impression on me. They gave me the opportunity to find out more about the company’s products and made me even more excited about my job.

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