Apprentice / Intern Technology and Engineering, Queretaro
Intern Technology and Engineering

Josué Plaza Meza
Apprentice / Intern Technology and Engineering

"Live life to the fullest…"

With Gerresheimer since: 2012
Site: Queretaro

I work as apprentice at Gerresheimer and I am very thankful to be totally accepted as a professional worker. Even though I have not spent so much time working for this company yet, I like it a lot and I appreciate that I always learn new things that are significant for the enhancement of my knowledge.

My currently tasks include the building of treaty systems for the production of ampoules and their improvement. Therefore I can make use of my good practical manufacturing experiences. I was really surprised of the wide variety of ways to perform my work and what is possible by using modern technology. Nevertheless, after a while the focus on reaching ones goals became most important to me.

I am very happy to work in my field of duties, because here it is not needed to be under constantly supervision. Everyone just knows what to do. Of course I do not know all the details of my colleagues’ activities, but it is my plan to increase my support for them. In common the working environment is very nice at Gerresheimer. I really appreciate the good teamwork and relationships with my colleagues.

Finally it is my plan for the future to get a master degree and to grow professionally. Furthermore I think about setting up my own company after working for Gerresheimer.

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