Cold End Shift Manager, Tettau
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Edgar Fiedler
Cold End Shift Manager

"You have to attempt the impossible to achieve the possible."

With Gerresheimer since: 1983
Site: Tettau, Germany

I started out at Gerresheimer as a sorter in a fully continuous shift system. After a year I received training in cardboard warehouse, shrink oven, quality assurance and dimension inspection and was promoted to the position of Cold End Shift Manager. I was also offered the opportunity to manage all cold end operations. The company supported my participation in diverse training measures and I spent periods working at the plants in Wisthoff, Lohr and Frankfurt/Main-Höchst.

My initial intention was to earn fast money in the 4-shift system, but Gerresheimer offered me an interesting career outlook. I’m where I am today because the company trusted me and I understood how valuable Gerresheimer is to me. It has financed my whole life and my family. In the last 30 years I have never had to do without a wage, vacation leave, holiday allowance, Christmas bonus or Christmas gifts.

My job is vary varied and challenging, especially the management of the cold end personnel. I have to make fast decisions and they often apply organization-wide. All in all, I enjoy working with my colleagues because we’re all committed to achieving our objectives. I’ve always found furnace construction fascinating because the logistics involved are absolutely sensational!

I’ve been working at Gerresheimer for almost 30 years now and I’ve gained a great deal of experience. I hope that the company will continue to have confidence in me and that I can continue to help it meet its objectives.

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