Technical Director, Shuangfeng Danyang
Experience Report Liu Daping

Liu Daping
Technical Director

With Gerresheimer since: 1983
Site: Shuangfeng Danyang

I joined Shuangfeng in 1983, at that time vials were made all by hands. The production process and the quality control was not that developed, at it is today. After some year’s development, I received an opportunity in shanghai for a mechanical ampoule production training in 1986. When the training finished, I came back to the company installing the ampoule equipment. After that I was responsible for the local machine installation, production and management. 

After the joint venture with Gerresheimer AG, I had the possibility to learn Cartridge production in Bünde, Germany. In the same year, I went to Mexico for an ampoule line production and management training. 

Because of my knowledge with the machines, I had the possibility to handle the new plant equipments installation in 2007-2008. In the same time I was honored as the technical director for importing equipments, improving local machines, new products development and production process improvement. 

Now I work 30 years for the company and I also learned 30 years! The company always supports me by continuing trainings regarding my profession. The trainings enable me for more experience and knowledge in tube glass forming and tooling design. I am lucky to be a Shuangfeng member. I will continuously devote all my power to Gerresheimer Shuangfeng, with the hope it becomes the world leading company in pharmaceutical packaging industry.

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