Controller Moulded Glass & Tubular Glass Tubing, Düsseldorf
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Robert Nitzl
Controller Moulded Glass & Tubular Glass Tubing

"The decisions that we make affect the lives we lead - be true to yourself."

With Gerresheimer since: 2010

When I graduated with a degree in technical business administration from the University of Stuttgart I spent several years working abroad as controller. In 2010 I moved to Gerresheimer Queretaro in Mexico as Plant Controller where I was responsible for budgeting, reporting, CAPEX requests, production controlling and diverse projects.

I’ve been Controller at the headquarters in Düsseldorf since 2012. My duties involve providing decision-relevant information to the management and controlling specific divisions. In this function I‘ve had the opportunity to visit various production facilities in Europe, the USA and Mexico. I’ve always been fascinated by the production process - watching different kinds of glass products being created from raw material to finished product.

Gerresheimer currently has over 45 production plants, so I'm dealing with people from different cultures every day. I’ve noticed that the Gerresheimer values eliminate all cultural barriers and we often come up with the best solutions as a multicultural team with different viewpoints. We talk to each other, we swap ideas and know-how and we have a great working climate. In fact, we often meet up after work socially or to play sport.

I’d like to stay here at headquarters for a while and then go abroad again.

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