Young Professionals

Experience reports of young professionals

Annelies Bode

Supply Chain Employee (Planning), Momignies

“Simplicity is king!”

André Nadrowski

Process Developer, Wackersdorf

"Doing a bit more than people expect of you makes work more enjoyable."

Thomas Piscitelli

Mechanical Engineer, Forest Grove

"One man’s “Magic” is another man’s Engineering"

Daniel Schreiber

IS Workshop Manager, Essen

"Life is like a bicycle. You have to keep moving forwards or you’ll lose your balance."

Le Wang

Process Engineer, Peking

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

Andrea Winkler

Validation, Bünde

"It’s important to stick to your life plan. But it’s more important to have the courage to attempt new things when you realize that your plan was wrong."

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