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André Nadrowski
Process Developer

"Doing a bit more than people expect of you makes work more enjoyable."

With Gerresheimer since: 2011
Site: Wackersdorf

After my graduation Gerresheimer was brought to my attention by a trade fair contact. Medical technology, the sector that we operate in, was the most important criterion in my choice of employer. I’m personally committed to helping other people in our organization through my work and that’s something that you can’t always take for granted in the engineering profession.  I ultimately chose Gerresheimer because this international organization provided me with a great start to my career and offered me excellent further training opportunities. 

When I applied for a job at Gerresheimer I was initially keen to work in product development but they convinced me to become part of the process development team. It was the right decision because the work is very interesting and varied. I really enjoy generating knowledge and performing experiments that I’ve designed myself on prototype machines. I’m just as interested in the downstream phase of evaluation with modern statistical methods and programs as I am in working on designs in the CAD program. 

One thing that really impresses me is how often I have to speak English in my work. We’re implementing projects for two American customers, so I attend meetings, hold telephone conferences and write correspondence in English, which is more helpful to me than English lessons.

I’m really happy in my job and comfortable in the Wackersdorf environment, so I can definitely see my future being with Gerresheimer.

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