Supply Chain Employee (Planning), Momignies
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Annelies Bode
Supply Chain Employee (Planning)

“Simplicity is king!”

With Gerresheimer since: 2011
Site: Momignies

On the one hand my job at Gerresheimer gives me the opportunity to work for a large, international company and on the other hand I can still benefit from the beautiful countryside by living in a small village like Momignies in Belgium.

I’ve been on the supply chain team since October 2011 and I´m responsible for planning all internal and external resorting. It is an interesting challenge to turn daily urgencies into successful deliveries. I am also in charge of the planning for some subcontractors in countries such as the Netherlands, Poland or the USA. I really like talking to our subcontractors and international colleagues in foreign languages on a daily basis. The fact that I am able to speak different languages is definitely an asset to me and I intend to keep working at my language skills. 

I think that communicating with different people is enriching. Before I went on holiday I thanked the whole team for their hard work by giving them a short break and having a drink with them. They were really pleased! It was a special moment for me to see how people working at Gerresheimer can appreciate a simple “thank you”.

My goal for the future is to improve the efficiency of my work organization and communication in order to offer a satisfying service to the other team members at Gerresheimer.

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