IS Workshop Manager, Essen
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Daniel Schreiber
IS Workshop Manager

"Life is like a bicycle. You have to keep moving forwards or you’ll lose your balance."

With Gerresheimer since: 2011
Site: Essen

I started out my career at a brewery after completing a mechatronics apprenticeship. Parallel to the apprenticeship I studied for my university entrance qualification. Then I worked in mechatronics at a mechanical engineering firm.

I was keen to continue my education, so I enrolled for a degree in mechanical engineering after two years in the job. At a four-week internship at Gerresheimer Essen I was very impressed by the value chain, which starts with the raw material of sand and finishes with a high quality glass product.

I joined Gerresheimer as Hot End Production and Project Engineer. After a year, they offered me a management position and I have been IS Workshop Manager since then.

I‘ve always felt welcome at Gerresheimer. They take my suggestions into account in decisions. The working atmosphere is great and we’re a very close-knit team - not just in my department but also on an interdepartmental basis. The company encourages us to learn from each other and there is regular know-how exchange between our plant and the other Gerresheimer plants.

In additional to my organizational responsibilities as the person in charge of machine maintenance, I’m also responsible for equipment availability optimization and preventive maintenance. Other projects that I’m involved in are production optimization, machine park improvements and new machine planning.

Manufacturing glass containers is a very complex process. I’m gaining additional experience and learning new things every day. I want to apply what I’ve learned in my day-to-day work, to increase my knowledge and to pass on my know-how to others.

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