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Le Wang
Process Engineer

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

With Gerresheimer since: 2010
Site: Peking

When I graduated from university, I was longing to take a job in the glass industry, doing something related to my college major - Material Science and Engineering. In 2010, luckily, I was offered a position by Kimble Bomex Labware (KBL) in Beijing, working as a process engineer in the Manufacturing Department.

Initially, I felt it was a big challenge for me to do this job, for it requires a comprehensive capability in handling all questions from production lines, and there are so many products you need to know. I felt a little confused at first, but I didn't lose heart and I set up my mind to conquer it. After the apprenticeship period, I made a major progress in getting familiar with working procedure and the methods of solving problems from production. My daily work is designing product drawings, setting up specifications and handling various questions from the workshops like the lamp workshop, printing workshop, grinding workshop and packaging workshops etc. Further in my daily work, I kept a good communication with my foreign colleagues via E-mail, and they provided me lots of helps and guidance when I encountered some problems. Besides, I was taking some trainings like Gerresheimer Management System (GMS), and I am member of the GMS team, too. In my spare time, I was keeping studying English for the better communication with my foreign colleagues. KBL provided me a good chance to improve myself.

KBL is a wonderful place to work, the friendly and cooperative atmosphere really give me a deep impression. What’s more, it’s providing huge challenges and chances to show yourself.

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