Mechanical Engineer, Forest Grove
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Thomas Piscitelli
Mechanical Engineer

"One man’s “Magic” is another man’s Engineering"

Bei Gerresheimer seit: 2012
Standort: Forest Grove

After my first interview I knew that Gerresheimer would be perfect fit for me, as well as myself being the perfect fit for Gerresheimer. I am not the everyday sit at a desk type of person, but a person who would rather get a first person experience. So when I was told that I would be working on flame throwing machines and that I was going to be the man designing the tools and parts for these machines, I knew that Gerresheimer was going to be a place I would want to work at.

Now that I am as a working mechanical engineer at the Gerresheimer Glass Forest Grove Plant I wake up every morning excited to go to work. As an engineer everyday new problems arise and it is my job not only to solve the problem but to be able to explain the cause of the problem. I enjoy the capability to be able disassemble something, because it gives me the chance to learn each part, what each part is made from, where each part goes, and what each part does. I believe that is the best way of learning.

Now that I have a job, I am not sure what my plans would be in the future. After graduating I planned on getting an engineering job and to buy a house, but that did not happen for two years.  So if I were to have plans for the future they are simple; go to work, come home, and save my money.

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