Gerresheimer Compliance Programme

The sustained success of the Gerresheimer Group as an internationally leading manufacturer of specialty products based on glass and plastic for the pharma and healthcare industry is founded on our competence, reliability, customer orientation and guiding values but above all on our motivated and responsible employees. For the success of the Gerresheimer Group it is essential that the enterprise is managed according to ethical business principles, responsibly and in harmony with the laws and rules of fair competition.

As a listed company we feel an obligation towards the capital market and its investors and strictly comply with all the provisions of capital-market law which apply for Gerresheimer AG.

We reject corruption and cartel agreements. They are contrary to our identity as a responsibly managed company with a convincing presence solely through the quality and price of its products, combined with service. Corruption and cartel agreements would jeopardise our public reputation and economic success. We will not accept such a danger to the company, its shareholders and its employees.

The companies in the Gerresheimer Group are expressly and unconditionally committed to the nationally and internationally applicable legal and ethical principles on corruption prevention and fair competition.

The Gerresheimer Group ensures through its Compliance Programme that corruption and cartel agreements do not arise and that the provisions of capital-market law are strictly observed. Infringements of the Compliance Programme are not tolerated and will, if necessary, be subject to consistently pursued sanctions.

The Gerresheimer Group is aware of its responsibility towards its customers, shareholders and employees. We are confident that our Compliance Programme will lastingly safeguard the value of the company in the interest of our shareholders and employees.

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