Customers & Suppliers

Our responsibility to customers & suppliers

  • Our products and processes are distinguished by their outstanding quality. We endeavor to be a leading and innovative company in our segment. We ensure that our technology always reflects the state of the art and we continuously work toward the advancement of our products and processes. Outstanding flexibility in satisfying customer requirements, reliability and a commitment to meeting delivery deadlines are typical characteristics of our work.
  • Sustainable customer and supplier relationships can exist only on the basis of honesty and trust. We believe that this is an essential prerequisite for safeguarding and increasing our success and our suppliers' success. Our own compliance guidelines and responsible supply chain management principles help us to achieve this aim.
  • We view our suppliers as partners who make an important contribution to our business success. For example, we perform regular audits to ensure that our suppliers' quality standards reflect our own and that they have adopted our responsible purchasing principles.
  • We apply the principle of fair competition when selecting our suppliers. In addition to price, the criteria of quality, reliability and solvency are important aspects of sustainable business relationships with suppliers.

  • Whenever we source for production minerals like tin, tungsten, coltan or gold (so called “conflict minerals”) or their derivates all the respective suppliers have to prove certified proper sourcing of these minerals.
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