Our responsibility to employees

  • Our employees are key determinants of our success.
  • We respect our employees' dignity. Our relationships with employees are based on respect, appreciation and fairness. We make every effort to create a work environment which reflects these principles. No discrimination whatsoever is tolerated within our organization. We never disadvantage people on grounds of their race, ethnic origin, religion, political affiliation, disability, age or sexual identity.
  • Diversity is an intrinsic aspect of our forward-looking corporate culture because it fosters different mindsets, respect and tolerance.
  • We expect professional competence, exemplary management practices at all levels and effective team work, even outside the organizational, functional and national boundaries.
  • We want our employees to be honest, responsible, trustworthy and motivated to adopt our principles of corporate responsibility, to set an example by applying them and to contribute to the company's success in every way possible.
  • We are committed to promoting our employees' health. Our Health and Safety Program helps to prevent occupational diseases, accidents and injuries at work.
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