Our responsibility to the environment

  • We are convinced that we will improve our medium and long term performance if we act in a responsible and environmentally aware manner.
  • Environmental protection concerns and threats associated with climate change motivate us to improve our energy, resource consumption and emission management. Our production facilities already rank among the most modern in the world today. We are involved in various projects to safeguard our progress in the field of environmental protection. They benefit our customers, investors, suppliers and employees and as well as society as a whole.
  • We use our raw materials and resources as efficiently as possible. We apply standardized methods and tools to ensure waste-optimized and low-emission processes along the entire value chain and to bring about continuous improvements.
  • We avoid the production of materials which are harmful to health and the environment.
  • We always ensure strict adherence to world-wide environmental regulations. The positive effects of the measures we implement often by far exceed national statutory requirements.
  • We are actively involved in one of the world's biggest environmental initiatives, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a London-based non-profit organization  which surveys corporate greenhouse-gas emissions worldwide and develops strategies for companies to react to climate change.
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