Our responsibility to society

  • Gerresheimer is an important pharmaceutical industry partner. Innovations in the application of pharmaceutical products are innovations that people benefit from and which improve their quality of life. Our products make a practical and significant contribution to health and well-being.

  • We are convinced that, in the medium to long term, we can achieve better results if our actions are guided not merely by commercial considerations, but also by social and ecological ones. 
  • Environmental protection is one of the key criteria, alongside quality, that we apply in the process of continuous business process optimization.    

  • There is absolutely no question about our commitment to ensuring that our products and processes conform to the relevant requirements. These include all laws and other statutory provisions, the restrictions imposed by the competent authorities, customer requirements and our own rules.    

  • We are aware of our responsibilities as a company and an employer. We ensure that international human rights are upheld and applied.    

  • We establish transparency and seek dialogue with various groups and stakeholders because it is the only means of establishing and sustaining lasting trust outside the company's boundaries.
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