Bünde, Germany

Gerresheimer Bünde GmbH

Gerresheimer Bünde Plant

Formerly Bünder Glas GmbH

Erich-Martens-Straße 26-32
32257 Bünde
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Production site Bünde

Gerresheimer Bünde is our Center of Excellence for prefillable glass syringes and glass cartridges. Here we develop and produce both standard products and customized product solutions. The prefillable glass syringes can be delivered as bulk goods (Gx® bulk) or in „ready-to-fill“ format (Gx RTF®). For demanding, sensitive medications and high-viscosity agents we offer our customers prefillable plastic syringes made of COP (Cyclo Olefin Polymer) of the Gx RTF® ClearJect® and ClearJect® brand.

Facts and figures:

The site has an overall production area of 25,700 sqm (277,000 sqft), 700 sqm (7,550 sqft) of which are designated for clean room class C and 3,300 sqm (35,520 sqft) clean room class D. The strictest requirements for glass bodies are met on highly precise production systems, which are equipped with in-line propriertary camera inspection systems for the inspection of geometrical parameters and cosmetic-visual defects. These are planned and built by our inhouse engineering department.


The quality management of the Bünde location is certified according to the international standards ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485, and EN ISO 15378. Our products meet the requirements of Ph. Eur. (European Pharmacopoeia), USP (US Pharmacopoeia), JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia), and the DIN ISO requirements for glass primary packaging material. A DMF Type III (Drug Master File) is available.

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