Dongguan City (TCC), China

Gerresheimer Dongguan City: TCC

Gerresheimer Dongguan City: TCC

Building 5-6, Zone No. 4
ZhongHanQiao Industrial Park
WangNiu Dun Town
523200 Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
P.R. of China
Phone: + 86 769 8851-7100 
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Dongguan City: Technical Competence Center (TCC)

For the past ten years, our industrialization strategy has been based on the concept of pooling our resources in Technical Competence Centers (TCCs). In 2004, our first TCC was set up in Wackersdorf; in 2009 we started operations at the TCC in Peachtree City/USA. 2014 we set up a third TCC in Dongguan/China: a Technical Competence Center for the industrialization of projects in China. Thanks to the new TCC, large projects can now be handled locally.

Service range and specialties:

The Technical Competence Center is comprised of the core departments of Project Management, Injection Molding, Measuring Technology, Mold Optimization and Mold Purchasing. As Project Management will predominantly deal with local projects, customers will no longer face any language barriers or time delays. The TCC’s Injection Molding Department is equipped with its own sampling line complete with the required injection molding machines and its own standards lab for mold quantification and optimization. The standards lab provide services such as part measuring reports, adjust important process parameters to optimize the process output and compile process capability indices (DOE and CPK analyses). A highly qualified team of polymer technology and production engineering experts, project managers, quality planning experts and process technicians work at the TCC in China.

Facts and figures:

The TCC offers air-conditioned production and office space on 700 square meters. The building is located directly across from the production facility to ensure a swift and smooth cooperation.

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Gerresheimer Dongguan City: Technical Competence Center (TCC)
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