Sensile Medical AG, Switzerland

Sensile Medical AG, Switzerland

Sensile Medical AG, Switzerland

Solothurnerstrasse 235
CH-4600 Olten
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Sensile Medical AG – a company of Gerresheimer AG

High-precision and highly efficient micropumps for drug delivery devices are the technological core of the provider from Switzerland acquired in 2018.

Business activities:

With the acquisition of the Swiss technology company Sensile Medical, we have laid the groundwork for our new division 'Advanced Technologies (AT)', which will be dedicated to developing and producing intelligent drug delivery systems. 

We offer systems like these complete with state-of-the-art digital and electronic technologies to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our current portfolio encompasses patented micro pumps for self-treating diabetes or heart disease, for example. 

Sensile Medical AG: Portfolio
Sensile Medical AG: Portfolio


Sensile Medical was founded in 2004 by two scientists in a garage in the Swiss canton of Zug. They had been bothered that previous insulin pumps were too complicated and inaccurate. Patients had to adjust a lot themselves. To remedy this, they began to develop a new pumping technology.

In 2007, the micro rotary piston pump was fully developed and patented as "SenseCore Technology". Its strength lies in the fact that it is very small and very precise in the dosage. In addition, it consists of only two components and is therefore inexpensive to produce. Due to its high flexibility it is compatible for different medicines. It forms the core of the various pump platforms.

In 2017, the company moved to the current location in the city of Olten in the canton of Solothurn. The site offers more growth opportunities, including larger laboratories. In the summer of 2018, Gerresheimer agreed with the owners of Sensile Medical on the acquisition of the company.

Today Sensile Medical employs about 120 people. Mainly in the areas of development (electrical and software) and micro-system technology.


Sensile Medical AG is certified according to EN ISO 13485.

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