Skopje, North Macedonia

Gerresheimer Skopje DOOEL

The Skopje facility

Gerresheimer Skopje DOOEL

Gerresheimer Skopje DOOEL Ilinden
Technological Industrial Development Zone Skopje 2
Block 2, Street No. 102, Bunardzik
1041 Municipality of Ilinden
P.O.Box No. 96, 1000 Skopje
Republic of North Macedonia
Phone: +389 75 262 421
E-Mail: please click

The new plant will be set up in an industrial park with a state-of-the-art infrastructure located  near the city center and airport, with large companies also opting for the location.

Facts and figures:

We will set up a total of 12,500 sqm (134,550 sqft) floor and production space, including
clean room capacities. In this first stage, about 7,500 sqm (80,750 sqft) will be dedicated solely to production. The location will feature a modular layout to enable easy expansions in the future.

We began earthworks in mid April 2019, hold a topping-out ceremony in October and are planning to finish the interior in second quarter of 2020. The building is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2020, while the first products are expected to come off the line in the second half of the year. The plant will house production for medical plastic systems as well as pre-fillable glass syringes at a later stage. In the medium term, the plant could offer up to 400 new jobs.

Product Range

We will build a new plant in Skopje to produce plastic systems for both the pharmaceutical industry and the medical technology sector as well as prefillable syringes.

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