Gerresheimer at CPhI India 2015 - Triveni Polymers adds eye drop bottles to its portfolio

Gerresheimer at CPhI India 2015 - Triveni Polymers adds eye drop bottles to its portfolio
Gerresheimer at CPhI India 2015 - Triveni Polymers adds eye drop bottles to its portfolio

Düsseldorf/Mumbai, November 19, 2015 – Gerresheimer is back at this year’s CPhI (Convention for Pharmaceutical Ingredients) in India from December 2 to 4, exhibiting the new and well-proven glass and plastic pharmaceutical packaging products in its portfolio to an expert public. This is the first CPhI at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre where Gerresheimer will have eye drop bottles manufactured specifically for the Indian market by Triveni Polymers on show at its Stand V7.

“Conjunctivitis is a very widespread affliction of the eye that can often be very effectively treated with eye drops,” said Subodh Gupta, Managing Director for Gerresheimer at Triveni Polymers Private Limited. This is the first time that Triveni Polymers is exhibiting ophthalmic medication bottles for the Indian market at CPhI because the company recently extended its familiar portfolio for solid dose pharmaceuticals to include a new ophthalmic product group. The first bottles in this product group for India are available in the two most common bottle sizes of 5 and 10 ml, either in LDPE or HDPE. Other sizes and designs can be provided by the Gerresheimer Group.

Neutral Glass: representing Gerresheimer’s global glass competence in India

In India, both glass and plastic are standard Gerresheimer at CPhI India 2015 - Triveni Polymers adds eye drop bottles to its portfoliomaterials for solid and liquid dose pharmaceutical packaging and storage. The glass pharmaceutical packaging products manufactured by Neutral Glass are long established in the Indian market. Its range of type I and type III bottles includes injection, dropper and syrup bottles in diverse market and demand-oriented designs in flint and amber glass.

Production operations at Gerresheimer, Triveni Polymers and Neutral Glass are compliant with stringent quality standards that meet the pharmaceutical industry’s very high requirements of quality.

Gerresheimer is expanding in India

India is a key growth market for Gerresheimer. This is the reason why it acquired majority shareholdings in the two Indian companies, Triveni Polymers and Neutral Glass, three years ago. Since then, both companies have been very effective ambassadors of Gerresheimer’s pharmaceutical plastic and glass packaging competence in India and the Asian region. Today, packaging products made by Gerresheimer, Triveni Polymers and Neutral Glass can be found in the medicine cabinets of every hospital, medical center and private household. They keep solid and liquid dose pharmaceuticals dry and securely packaged until they are used up.

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