Gerresheimer at the Pharma-Kongress Production & Technology in Düsseldorf

Expert presentation on quality monitoring in the production of prefillable glass syringes.

Düsseldorf, February 22, 2013 - Prefilled syringes are modern yet complex drug delivery systems which are gaining in significance for pharmaceutical and biotech drugs. Gerresheimer is famous for its RTF® (Ready-to-Fill) glass syringes. Dr. Andrea Behrenswerth will be speaking about the important aspects of manufacturing these syringes, production monitoring equipment and how to prevent cracks in the syringe barrel at the Pharma-Kongress Production & Technology on March 20 at 2 p.m.

“Crack prevention and production process monitoring in prefillable syringe manufacturing ensures that only defect-free syringes are dispatched from our production facility“, said Dr. Andrea Behrenswerth, Head of Quality Assurance at Gerresheimer Bünde since 2009.

At Pharma Congress Production & Technology Dr. Behrenswerth will be speaking about the definition and identification of cracks in glass containers. A differentiation is made between cracks and scratches, because cracks extend all the way through the glass wall. Superficial scratches, on the other hand, are far less critical as damage goes. In addition to this risk-based differentiation, cracks are also categorized in terms of location and cause in a series of tests, starting with a dimethylphtalate test and a scratch test, followed by two thermal tests and one pressure test. Gerresheimer minimizes cracking with an optimized cutting process, an improved annealing process and careful handling in the production and pick & place processes. Another recent process optimization is an automatic camera system which identifies cosmetic defects and reduces the crack frequency to less than 4 ppm. Customers should also set-up their own control systems so that they can identify any cracks occurring in their processes.

Gerresheimer manufactures glass pre-fillable syringes as bulk or ready-to-fill products. RTF® (Ready-to-Fill) brand glass syringes can be fitted with tamper-evident closures. They are also delivered to the pharma industry sterile, preassembled and, if desired, with baked-on siliconization.

During the congress on March 19 and 20, the Gerresheimer experts will be at Stand 17 in the exhibition area to provide further information and advice.

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