Gerresheimer banks on photovoltaics in Kundli, India

A glimpse inside the clean room of the Triveni plant.
A glimpse inside the clean room of the Triveni plant.
In order to meet its environmental and sustainability objectives, our site in Kundli, India put a photovoltaic system into operation.

Solar roof for Gerresheimer/Triveni Plant

Düsseldorf/Kundli, September 05, 2016 – Being the leading global partner for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Gerresheimer is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. The majority of Triveni Polymers in Kundli (India) belongs to the Gerresheimer Group since 2012. In order to meet its environmental and sustainability objectives the company put a photovoltaic system into operation to enable the production of pharmaceutical plastic packaging with environmental-friendly energy.

“We are proud to contribute to a “greener planet. Sustainability is one of our company’s priority objectives, said Subodh Gupta, Managing Director at Triveni and the person in charge of the whole project. Subodh is also responsible for energy costs, ”

As a start 80 solar panels have been installed with a capacity of 20 KW. In addition to the environment benefits Triveni will significantly reduce the monthly electricity expenses.

In the future Triveni is planning to install more panels and the target is to reach a level where at least 3 % of the total requirement of electricity is met by the use of solar energy. Gerresheimer/Triveni is aiming for 100 KW of solar power in the future.

With clearly defined objectives, the entire Gerresheimer Group is taking part in one of the world’s biggest environmental initiatives, the Carbon Disclosure Project. This non-profit organization was founded in London, UK. It checks and monitors greenhouse emissions of companies on a worldwide basis and also identifies the strategies companies implement in response to climate change.

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