Gerresheimer exhibits the bottle for “Deeply Yours” by Enrique Iglesias

The bottles for the women's and men's versions of "Deeply Yours" by Enrique Iglesias.
The bottles for the women's and men's versions of "Deeply Yours" by Enrique Iglesias.

New bottle designs by Gerresheimer at Cosmetic Business in Munich

Düsseldorf/Munich, April 06, 2016 – The bottle for Enrique Iglesias’ fragrance, “Deeply Yours”, is new to the Gerresheimer portfolio. It features two wide aluminum rings that look like two intertwined bracelets wrapped around the bottle’s middle. This interesting bottle, plus many other Gerresheimer designs, will be on display Cosmetic Business in Munich from June 8 to 9. The Gerresheimer stand is E07 in hall 4.

“The effect for Deeply Yours is created with partial surface metallization, which involves a thin layer of aluminum being applied in vapor deposition process,” explained Bernd Stauch, Senior Director Cosmetics Sales. Although the bottle’s thick base gives it a solid appearance, it feels pleasant to hold in the hand as a result of its shape and size.

Individually marbled surface finishes

Gerresheimer recently introduced a new marbling technique for glass bottles that it calls “Marble Decoration”. The individual marble-effect patterns in selected colors can be applied to both transparent and color lacquered glass to create unique results on every single bottle.

Gerresheimer bottles with the Marble Decoration finish

The Cosmetic Business fair is a very important platform for a cosmetic glass bottle and jar manufacturer such as Gerresheimer to network with the experts in the cosmetics world. Existing and potential customers searching for new design concepts appreciate the advice provided by the Gerresheimer experts at the stand.

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