Luxe Pack Monaco: Gerresheimer consolidates its position in the masstige market

Düsseldorf, October 15, 2013 – Once a year, leading packaging experts from around the globe travel to Luxe Pack Monaco to present their concepts for luxury products and brands. Gerresheimer will be showcasing glass and plastic design concepts for cosmetic products and perfumes at stand RC 9 in the Grimaldi Forum from October 23 to 25.

Gerresheimer has European cosmetic glass and plastic production facilities in Belgium, Germany and Spain and the experts from Momignies, Tettau and Zaragoza will be presenting their innovative product ranges in Monte Carlo.

Gerresheimer’s cosmetics customer base extends from major global cosmetics corporations to small, highly specialized perfume and cosmetic manufacturers, and from big prestige brands to leaders in the masstige market.

The Otto Kern Luxury glass flacon has an unconventional U-shaped design that is distinctive, yet elegantly simple.

Interesting Omega, Ro and Alpha designs in trendy colors are new additions to the Gerresheimer personal care collection.

What could be more individual than personal beauty and charisma? And how can a product communicate this more credibly than with a packaging that makes a unique personal statement? “Design is an important aspect of any consumer article. And cosmetics manufacturers have stepped up their efforts to establish unique USPs for their products“, said Bernd Stauch, Sales Director, emphasizing the fact that clearly defined consumer groups in the masstige segment  are being addressed in a more direct and targeted way than ever before. He also explained that fragrances and cosmetics products aren’t just neutral commodities - they appeal to consumer emotions.

Cosmetics and fragrance packaging concepts therefore incorporate a vast repertoire of design skills and a broad spectrum of technologies. Shapes vary from extravagantly dynamic to extreme, some packaging products have smooth, polished surfaces, while others have perfectly straight edges and almost seamless transitions to the cap. Each one is an art unto itself. Transparent glass flacons produce enchanting reflections, while opaque coated surfaces boast novel and breathtaking colors. They can be feeder colored, color sprayed or screen printed in muted or bold colors, relief finished, acid etched to create a misty effect, have a full surface decor created with the sublimation technique or a textile sheath. The Gerresheimer glass and plastics experts are masters in the art of implementing individual design concepts to perfection.

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