New at CPhI - Duma Pocket 100 ml: handy and child-safe

New at CPhI - Duma Pocket 100 ml: handy and child-safe
New at CPhI - Duma Pocket 100 ml: handy and child-safe
New at CPhI - Duma Pocket 100 ml: handy and child-safe

Düsseldorf/Barcelona, October 4, 2016. Does a tablet container always have to look like a pharmaceutical container? The Duma Pocket’s oval shape makes it look more like a box of sweeteners or peppermints. Gerresheimer is introducing a new member of the Duma Pocket product family at CPhI in Barcelona: Duma Pocket 100 ml.

The new Duma Pocket design is so ergonomic that the user only needs one hand to hold and open the oval box. It has an integrated closure with dispensing aid, a tamper evident seal, and it is also senior-friendly and child-resistant.

The new Duma Pocket can be used to dispense tablets. It is also availa-ble in 30 and 50 ml sizes. Another advantage is that it can be sent by post because it conforms to the post box standard (DS/EN 17324).

Lots of space for branding

The side surfaces of the oval shape are useful for displaying consumer information, and they are also large enough for distinctive branding. The lid area can be used for customer-specific labelling.

Moisture protected

A desiccant in the base reliably absorbs moisture. The maximum The new Duma Pocket Designvolume, not including the space occupied by the desiccant, is up to 100 ml. Like all other Duma Pocket products, Duma Pocket 100 ml is made of polypropylene (PP).

All colors

The container can be manufactured in any color, even in translucent or transparent. Its height is 80.5 mm and has the dimensions of 70 x 30 mm. The new Duma Pocket is manufactured with an injection moulding process under clean conditions.

High-speed filling and FDA-registered

Duma Pocket containers are suitable for high-speed filling processes,  they can be compactly packaged and are easily stored. Filling sizes of 75 and 125 mm can be also manufactured using the same base.
Duma Pocket is FDA registered, DMF type III, DMF no. 12077 and also satisfies European Regulations (EC) no. 1935/2004, (EC) no. 2023/2006 and EU no. 10/2011 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

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