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Gerresheimer – the expert for glass and plastic syringe systems at “PDA Universe of Pre-filled Syringes”

Düsseldorf/Bünde, October 4, 2012 - Demand for different syringe systems has increased vastly as a result of the increasingly complex and varied requirements posed by the healthcare market, especially physicians and patients, to the pharma and healthcare industry. The Gerresheimer Group offers a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of pharmaceutical primary packaging products and is one of the leading experts in the development and manufacture of syringes made from glass and plastic (cyclic olefins). Gerresheimer’s diverse and varied syringe system products will be on display from October 15 to 17, 2012 at Booth 404, “PDA The Universe of Prefilled Syringes and Injection Devices“ which is being held in the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.

ClearJectTM brand syringes are transparent, prefillable plastic syringe systems made of cyclic olefin polymer (COP). They are extremely durable and have special barrier properties which make them ideal for sensitive parenteral medications and for the demanding fields of cytostatics and biopharmaceuticals. These syringe systems are sterilized as TasPackTM (Taisei Advanced Sterile Packaging) and supplied as ready-to-use products. The range has also been extended to include 0.5 ml LL ClearJectTM-syringes and back stops, plus finger flanges.

Gerresheimer manufactures glass prefillable syringes as bulk or ready-to-fill products. RTF®-brand ready-to-fill glass syringes can have multicolor printing, a laser-applied identity code and a tamper-evident closure system. They are also delivered to the pharma industry sterile, preassembled and, if desired, with baked-on siliconization.

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Gerresheimer is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality specialty products made of glass and plastic for the global pharma and healthcare industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of products extends from pharmaceutical vials to complex drug delivery systems such as syringe systems, insulin pens and inhalers for safe medication dosage and application. Together with our partners, we develop solutions which set standards and have role model status in their respective market sectors.

Our Group realizes revenues of more than one billion euros and has around 11,000 employees at 47 locations in Europe, North and South America and Asia.  We use first-rate technologies, convincing innovations and targeted investments to systematically consolidate our strong market position.

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