Gerresheimer at CPhI India: top quality for India and the whole world

Gerresheimer at CPhI India: top quality for India and the whole world

Düsseldorf/Mumbai, November 28, 2017. This year, Gerresheimer will be showcasing glass and plastic pharmaceutical packaging products that are FDA-registered and manufactured to stringent quality standards to the trade public at CPhI in the Indian city of Mumbai. Triveni and Neutral Glass, both subsidiaries of the Gerresheimer Group, provide it with an excellent positioning in the Indian market. Gerresheimer’s newest factory in India specializes in making type I ampoules and vials.

“All of our products are manufactured in compliance with the very highest quality standards. These standards apply to both glass and plastic packaging because all Gerresheimer’s production processes are standardized and certified,” said Subodh Gupta, Managing Director at Triveni in India.

Glass and plastic are the first-choice primary packaging materials for solid and liquid dosage pharmaceuticals, a fact reflected in the selection of Gerresheimer products on show at CPhI Mumbai.

Pharmaceutical primary packaging plastic

The popular Triveni Round family has been extended by a 60 ml container with a multilayer design for the US market. The Protect features delivers enhanced protection against water vapor and oxygen to sensitive pharmaceutical drugs. It is the first plastic container with a multilayer sandwich structure manufactured in an injection blow molding process.

Gerresheimer is one of the world’s leading suppliers of plastic eye drop bottles. It recently modified the closure system on its Type A dropper bottle to the FDA’s new requirements. Now the tamper-evident ring stays firmly affixed to bottle once it has been opened.

Does a tablet container always have to look like a pharmaceutical Gerresheimer at CPhI India: top quality for India and the whole worldcontainer? The Duma Pocket’s oval shape makes it look more like a box of sweeteners or peppermints. Gerresheimer is introducing a new member of the Duma Pocket product family at CPhI in India: Duma Pocket 100 ml.

Gx vials made from glass

Gerresheimer’s trade fair booth will focus on injection vials, also known as Gx vials. They are amongst the world’s most popular pharmaceutical packaging solutions and Gerresheimer produces versions in clear and amber glass that can hold between 1 and 50 ml. The range of tubular glass vials on offer in Asia includes clear and amber glass types I and II. All manner of different shapes are available, either with or without blowback and compliant with either international standards or the customer’s own specifications.

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