Gerresheimer at Pharmapack 2021: Innovative and sustainable solutions for biotech and pharma

Gerresheimer Pharmapack 2021
The compatibility of innovation, solution and sustainability are at the top of the agenda at Gerresheimer.

Duesseldorf, October 05, 2021. With innovative, solution-oriented, and sustainable developments, the Gerresheimer team presents itself at Pharmapack and looks forward to visits from the trade public. The range includes solutions, products and delivery systems for medications, vaccines, or highly effective biologics. In the presentation "Services beyond product" Gerresheimer presents new products and services.

The compatibility of innovation, solution and sustainability are at the top of Gerresheimer's agenda. The company also demonstrates this at Pharmapack with its new developments for primary packaging, drug delivery systems and medical and diagnostic products. In addition, Gerresheimer focusses on the development of packaging and delivery solutions for newly developed biologics.

Pharmapack takes place on October 13 and 14 in Paris at the Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles. The Gerresheimer team is expecting its visitors in Hall 7.2 at Stand B60/B64. Here are some product highlights:

Virtual lecture in the Learning Lab at Pharmapack

In addition to the actual product solution, for example the primary packaging container or the drug delivery device, services and data are needed to prove usability and enable registration. In his presentation Wenzel Novak, Global Senior Director Business Development, talks about chemical, functional, physical, and regulatory aspects which must be covered throughout the entire value chain. Gerresheimer supports its customers in areas such as registration, lifecycle management and continuous improvement. This presentation can be accessed on the Pharmapack platform until 22 October.

SensAIR, the platform for an innovative on-body drug delivery device for drugs with higher viscosity

With SensAIR Gerresheimer presents for the first time an innovative platform for an on-body drug delivery device for drugs with higher viscosity, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAb). The aim is to offer patients the best possible support in the subcutaneous delivery of large-volume biologics. The device can be adapted to many drugs of different viscosity and different requirements. Together with Gerresheimer's One-Stop-Shop quality promise, which comprises a solution from cartridge to drug delivery device from a single source, SensAIR enables the safe and optimized delivery of biologics.

Gx InnoSafe protects against unintentional needlestick injuries and is easy to fill

Nurses are among the occupational groups with the most frequent cuts and puncture wounds. This can lead to infection with dangerous pathogens such as hepatitis B and C viruses or HIV. The Gx InnoSafe safety syringe is the first syringe on the market with a passive needle protection system. Its function prevents anyone from accidentally injuring themselves through an unintentional needle stick on a syringe that has already been used, as the needle is fixed in a sleeve after use. In addition to these unique safety features, a special feature of the Gx InnoSafe syringe is that it can be processed on all existing filling lines without any additional preparation or conversion steps. Furthermore, it complies with all regulations without any additional investment.

Gx RTF Vials - The solution for clinical trials and industrialization: Depyrogenated, sterile and ready-to-use vials for injectables of highest quality

The Gx RTF injection vials are made of borosilicate glass type I and meet all common requirements of the applicable ISO standards and pharmacopoeias (USP and Ph. Eur.). They are formed in accordance with cGMP, washed in a clean room, packed in trays or nests and tubs and sterilized. Gerresheimer RTF vials are also supplied in the familiar Ompi EZ-fill packaging format. This means they are ready for the next process steps in filling.

Injection and infusion bottles made of type II glass: the solution for parenteral applications

Gerresheimer also specializes in the production of pharmaceutical containers made of type II glass. Two tempering methods enable both the smallest bottle sizes for injections and typical infusion bottles with larger volumes to be produced. Ensuring the glass quality and the hydrolytic resistance of the type II glass is the top priority. The new tank technology, the expansion of the clean room, the automation and digitalization of the testing and packaging systems secure the company's leading position.

EcoLine for the sustainable development of plastic containers

With EcoLine, Gerresheimer demonstrates criteria in the development and production of its well-known plastic container series for solid and liquid medications which play an important role in the design of sustainable packaging solutions and thus contribute to greater environmental compatibility. The concept includes the criteria of weight, volume, material, and recyclability. EcoLine can be applied to the development of all existing Gerresheimer product families such as Duma, Triveni, the dropper bottles and to PET bottles.

Product information at the stand for sustainable download

Gerresheimer is serious about sustainability and this year for the first time will offer its information at the stand for direct download via URL codes instead of printed catalogs and brochures.

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