Gerresheimer supplies the primary packaging for dexamethasone

Gerresheimer supplies the primary packaging for dexamethasone
This is the plastic can DB39 from Gerresheimer in which the dexamethasone tablets for the treatment of seriously ill Covid 19 patients are filled.

Düsseldorf, July 20, 2020: Gerresheimer has been commissioned by a well-known customer to produce plastic containers in which the active ingredient dexamethasone is to be filled. According to a study, the active ingredient can reduce the mortality of people who are seriously ill with Covid 19. Only recently, the medical journal and other media reported that the World Health Organization (WHO) had called for an increase in the production of the active ingredient dexamethasone.

"Thanks to globally standardized processes and technologies, we are able to produce flexibly, locally and sustainably. This also includes optimizing procurement and transport routes for our customers," says Jens Friis, Vice President Europe & Latin America at Primary Plastic Packaging, responsible for sales. "For the packaging of dexamethasone, we supply 100ml drug cans with closures. "He explains that already in December 2019 the first mould was successfully transferred to the production site in Vaerloese, Denmark, in order to be able to supply local European markets in an optimal way.

As a specialist for pharmaceutical primary packaging, Gerresheimer for the packaging of the active ingredient. Even at the beginning of the corona pandemic, the company responded flexibly to its customers' requests for containers for filling hand disinfectants. At Gerresheimer the factors of procurement security, supply chain management and clearly defined throughput times are decisive key factors for high customer satisfaction in the service of people's health.

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