Gerresheimer thanks the Tettau volunteer fire department with a donation

Gerresheimer thanks the Tettau volunteer
The donation handover according to AHA rules. Vlnr: Lars Holocher, Human Resources Manager Gerresheimer Tettau, Peter Ebertsch, Mayor Market Tettau, Christian Wick 1st Commandant Volunteer Fire Brigade Tettau, Kay Rohn, Managing Director Gerresheimer Tettau, Maik Rosemann, Technical Manager Gerresheimer Tettau.

Tettau, July 06, 2021. On June 27, Gerresheimer Tettau AG thanked the volunteer fire department for its efforts with a donation of 5,000 euros. The background to this was the fire at the finished goods warehouse on April 14 last year.

"A donation of this amount after a fire is absolutely not something we take for granted. It is a great tribute to honorary office," with these words Christian Wick, 1st Commandant of the Tettau Volunteer Fire Brigade, thanked Kay Rohn, Managing Director of Gerresheimer Tettau GmbH, at the ceremonial handover of the donation.

On April 14, 2020, a fire broke out in the plant's finished goods warehouse. Within five minutes, the first firefighters were at the scene of the fire and ensured that no units were damaged. No people were injured. A total of 550 firefighters, police and rescue workers were on site to fight the fire and its aftermath. Turntable ladders are indispensable in fighting fires. A total of five of these were used in this fire. One of them was donated by Gerresheimer Tettau in 2016. The cooperation of the fire departments from the Thuringian districts once again proved its worth in this operation.

"The volunteer fire department was able to save our glass factory from major damage last year thanks to their quick and prudent action. With our donation we would like to express our thanks," said Kay Rohn, Managing Director at Gerresheimer in Tettau. He speaks of a remarkable achievement by the fire and rescue services. Even today he is still impressed that within five minutes of the alarm being raised not only were more than 250 emergency personnel on the scene, but they were also able to keep the fire under control in such a way that production could be maintained and the more than 500 jobs safeguarded.

Even after the fire, the plant, which produces glass containers for the cosmetics world, worked closely with the fire department on fire cleanup and prevention. In the meantime, the building has been cleaned and rebuilt. A new roof structure, new flooring and floor coverings were laid and the latest fire protection technology was installed.

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